New Place #6: Moss Lake


            Two of my friends, Linda and Joanie, joined me for an exploration of another new place I have never been. Linda suggested Moss Lake for a nice winter hike, since it is lower elevation and the drive to reach it is not long.

Moss Lake Natural Area has been set aside by King County to protect the wetlands from encroachment by development. You can find information about it from the following website:


Our car was the only one in the parking lot yesterday. Rain showers pattered off and on, so we had raingear and umbrellas to keep us relatively dry. Recent snow speckled the grasses at the sides of the trail, and ice still filled the pockets of melt water.

Ice also covered Moss Lake with intricate patterns near the water plants, but of course, it was thin ice and very slippery around the edges.

IMG_2283_2 IMG_2281_2

We found a few interesting additions to the scenery, one of which was a plush frog. We aren’t sure why it was set on the stump. Did a child lose it? Or was it placed there for the humor of such a discovery? We also found a set of plastic eyeballs on a stump and a small plastic bird in a hole of another. They were not natural, but they brought delight, and I am sure little kids on the trail would enjoy!


Otherwise, the area is beautiful with moss that looks like the rainforest and with natural underbrush on the forest floor. Lovely little streams flow near the trail, one of them the outlet from Moss Lake. The trail does not give many views of the lake, but you can reach it with a short side trail. There are other side trails that we didn’t have time to explore, and someday, I hope to return for a longer day of discovery.

In the mean time, I continue to strive to keep wonder in my life by finding new places to visit where I have never been.


May you also keep your life full of wonder!